I am in my forties now, but when I was a teenager I first spent many weekends on Bankhead Lake.  A friend's family cabin at Bluff Creek was so close to Birmingham, we would leave after school and have their old boat in the water an hour later.  The family's 1920's era cabin was filled with family memorabilia, old black and white photos, their children's framed artwork, fishing implements that looked ancient to me and dozens of maps outlining the 1000's of acres of wilderness that surround the lake.  At night we'd cook our days fishing catch in an iron skillet, and then, with the am radio playing in the background, play cards and crack jokes until it was time to set out in the skiff to explore a few coves with our flashlights.  I always slept outside on the screened sleeping porch, listening through the night to the crickets and tree frogs.  I would wake up and watch the mist hover over the water in the morning sun, broken only by bass hitting the tops of the water.
Memories of a lifetime.  These memories, made up of 'family, friends and weekends' shaped my vision for Taylors Ferry at Bankhead Lake.  it's a lake experience that's close to town, but feels a world away.  It's both a summer lake retreat and a winter getaway.  And it's affordable for everyone.  We hope you will visit us at Taylors Ferry and start making your memories at this special place.
Enjoy your investment!

Lake Front Developments by Richard Randolph & Partners

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10am - 2pm June 7 Open House

Directions from Birmingham to Howton's Camp

From downtown Birmingham (Civic Center) Go WEST 20/59 for 8.5 miles to Exit 115 "Allison Bonnet Memorial Drive"

  1. Exit Right and go 8.6 miles (after 4 miles, the road turns into "Warrior River Road")
  2. Go Right at light (Union Hill Church is on your Right) and go 10.1 miles on Taylors Ferry Rd.
  3. Go Right at Pine Ridge Drive (you will see large "Howtons Camp" sign
  4. Go 1 mile to the end of the road to the Restaurant at Howtons Camp
  5. We will be there to help with parking and to take you to the boats