Let's Go To The Lake Today

Have the afternoon free?  Just head out to the lake! 
Escape the worries of the weekday at Taylors Ferry on Bankhead Lake....it's a world apart that's only minutes away.

Directions to Taylor's Ferry via I-22

Feel free to visit Taylor's Ferry anytime!

  1. From Downtown Birmingham, go West on I-59 for 2 miles. Take Exit 123, the Highway 78/Jasper Exit.
  2. Exit Right and go North 11.5 miles to the intersection of the new I-22/ Corridor X. You will cross over the bridge and go take the Right loop, going West towards Jasper.
  3. Take I-22 West 12.6 miles, to Exit 72, the "Cordova" Exit.
  4. At the bottom of the ramp, take a left and go approximately 4.5 miles to where the highway dead-ends at Highway 269.
  5. Turn Right on Highway 269 and go 3.5 miles to a crossroads called "Goodsprings" and you will see a Chevron on the Left.
  6. Turn Left at the Chevron, onto Goodsprings Rd., then go 0.1 mile (roughly one block) and turn Right onto Tutwiler Rd.
  7. Go 3.6 miles on Tutwiler Rd. Along the way you will cross a steel bridge.
  8. Turn Left onto High Hill Rd., approximately 1 mile after the steel bridge. Start your odometer.
  9. At 0.6 mile, you will come to a four-way stop. Go straight. This is a Walker county-maintained gravel road. You are headed out into a 35,000 acre wildlife management area wilderness and will not pass but a few houses at the start.
  10. At 6.3 miles the road will fork. Take the Right fork.
  11. At 6.9 miles the road will "T" and you will go straight. (The road will take a hard right - do not go that way. If you get to 3 houses a mile later, you have gone too far.)
  12. At 7.3 miles, you have arrived at Taylors Ferry! Take a left and go all the way to the water and lots 1-24. There will be sales literature in a box at our stone entrance monument and the lots are clearly marked.

NOTE: If you are there after hours, or if you find our gate locked, the code for the lock tumbler is 1999.

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10am - 2pm June 7 Open House

Directions from Birmingham to Howton's Camp

From downtown Birmingham (Civic Center) Go WEST 20/59 for 8.5 miles to Exit 115 "Allison Bonnet Memorial Drive"

  1. Exit Right and go 8.6 miles (after 4 miles, the road turns into "Warrior River Road")
  2. Go Right at light (Union Hill Church is on your Right) and go 10.1 miles on Taylors Ferry Rd.
  3. Go Right at Pine Ridge Drive (you will see large "Howtons Camp" sign
  4. Go 1 mile to the end of the road to the Restaurant at Howtons Camp
  5. We will be there to help with parking and to take you to the boats